Congratulations, you've got your teepee booked! Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability to help us provide you with the best possible service. We look forward to working with you!

Primary Contact Name *
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Phone # *
Primary Contact Phone #
Day of Event Contact Name *
Day of Event Contact Name
This will be the person we get in touch with if the need arises during the event setup, breakdown and the event itself.
Day of Event Contact Phone # *
Day of Event Contact Phone #
Venue Address *
Venue Address
Is there anything we need to know about your venue? Any special instructions required to access the build site? If you don't know, providing the name and contact info for a venue representative is sufficient.
Please provide the name and contact for any other vendors that we may need to coordinate with for setup, styling and/or breakdown to help ensure that everything goes smoothly!
Electrical Access Agreement *
If we are providing you with lighting we require access to an electricity source within 50 feet of the teepee installment.
Please include any limitations on how early setup can begin. We typically plan to se up one day before your event. This not only allows for sufficient time for the tents to be decorated, but also gives a buffer in case there is inclement weather that affects set up. Limitations vary by venue, please double check your venue's policy.
Time *
Date *
We typically arrive for breakdown first thing in the morning after an event. Please note that ALL outside furniture and decor must be removed from the tent and the surrounding area must be clear prior to the agreed upon breakdown time. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, we charge $100/hour for delays in setup and breakdown. Please make sure this is communicated to your other vendors to avoid any charges.
Time *
Date *
Client Availability *
In advance of or at the beginning of the Installation it is essential that you(or someone you nominate) are available to meet our crew at the time agreed. The crew cannot begin any work until that has happened. At the end of the Install it is essential that you (or someone you nominate) are available for our crew to handover the structure to you. This will take around 15 minutes and will run through the things you need to know to use the tents and other equipment during the period of hire. At the beginning of the De-Install, the first task undertaken by the crew will be a check of our equipment. It is highly desirable for you (or someone you nominate) to be available at this time in case there are any items identified as missing or damaged.