Inspired by the traditional Nordic design, our teepees have been combined with modern technique to create a structure that is built to withstand the elements. With a combination of canvas and wood, along with years of trial and error, these teepees create an atmosphere that your guest will continue to talk about for years to come.


The versatile design allows the individual teepees to either stand alone or be linked together to create one large covered area. We offer a number of floor plan options to suit any size occasion. If you choose to keep the sides down for a more traditional teepee look, you create a very cozy and intimate environment. If you would like to take advantage of the outdoors we can raise one or all of the sides. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event or music festival, our tents can be arranged to meet your expectations.


The real fun begins when it comes time to dress up your teepee. Once the sun goes down we recommend using our festoon lighting which can be strung from pole to pole inside the teepee so the party can go on all night.